Solid construction, clever functionality and handsome finish are the hallmarks of all Horn products. Constructed of sturdy, dense MDF to soak up vibration, Horn's line of cabinetry comes in a variety of wood-grain finishes as well as a clean white melamine veneer, and you can order yours at Kelly Ann's for pickup within a couple of days.

One of our top-line pieces, the Quilter's Dream (at right), features a fold-down leaf along the back edge of the cabinet and a drawer-top insert that combine to provide ample cutting table space, a perch for your serger, and an air-lift for your sewing machine. The large machine cutout will accommodate any of our Viking domestic sewing machines, and plexiglass inserts are available for most major manufacturer models to provide you a flush surface for sewing. We've selected the large and medium Quilter's Dream models to display Viking Sapphire 870 Quilt and Sapphire 850 sewing machines, respectively, in our machine demo room.

The Quilter's Dream is available in a white melamine finish (shown) as well as two oak finishes. It comes in the full size seen here, a mid-sized and a small version. Each smaller size is somewhat less wide than the model above.


Our other top-line model is the Deluxe Combo Sewing Center (at right). The fold-out front panel hides a serger platform, which folds out to sit at elbow-height to the sewer's right. Ample drawer space, a removable catch-all box and fold-down cutting table surface along the back edge complement the sewing machine air-lift feature. Like the Quilter's Dream, plexiglass cutout panels are available for all major manufacturer models. When you're finished with your day's work, this cabinet folds shut, leaving a handsome piece of furniture to display in you sewing room, spare bedroom or living room! We've selected the Deluxe Combo to display a top-of-the-line Viking Designer SE Limited Edition sewing machine in our machine demo room.

The Deluxe Combo comes in a number of oak (shown) and cherry veneer finishes.


If you're looking for a more traditional sewing cabinet, Horn has a selection of four to meet your needs. The Traditional Sewing Cabinet model (at right) features ample drawer space, foldout nooks and an air-lift to support or hide your machine as needed. This model has a smaller cutout, appropriate for smaller machines such as the Huskystar line from Husqvarna Viking. We've used the Traditional Sewing Cabinet to display a Viking Designer 1 USB sewing machine in our machine demo room.

This line of cabinets also folds shut at the front, presenting a handsome piece of furniture to complement any room.

They are available in a variety of wood grain finishes as well as all-white.


If you're in the market for a sturdy Cutting Table surface that folds out of the way when you're through with the day's sewing, Horn has three to meet your needs. The most basic (closest right) features a drawer up top and space below for a sewing machine. The next model up features two drawers and three shelves, and the top model (further right) replaces those drawers and shelves with an air-lift for your sewing machine. Add a Horn drafter's chair to the top model and your machine's foot peddle (and your feet!) rests comfortably on the bottom of the air-lift compartment. You'll find the basic cutting table on display outside our shop's classroom.


Horn also makes a Project Table (closest right) that's great for all sorts of work, from drawing to scrap-booking to homework. There's even a handy hutch extension (further right) that goes right on top and provides an extra level of storage and display. We've used two Project Tables to display our Viking Huskystar and Emerald lines of sewing machines in our machine demo room.