A few items to help us give you the best in quilting services:

Our quilting and basting rates are figured by the square inch. The actual cost is determined by multiplying the length of the top by the width, then multiply that by the cost of the quilting selected.

Backing should be at least 4 inches larger than the quilt top on all sides. Please seam your backing to avoid a piecing charge of $20.00 per hour.

Please do not attach your binding to the quilt or pin layers together.

Square top and backing, make sure that both top and backing fabric are square so as to avoid potential problems. We take special care to eliminate wrinkles in both the top and backing of each quilt. Your quilt will be as wrinkle free as your piecing will allow. We cannot quilt out wrinkles or fullness that have been pieced in.

Trim loose threads, press top, press backing and bring in on a hanger. Any loose thread-trimming, pressing, un-basting, un-pinning or mending will have a $20.00 per hour preparation fee added.

Kelly Ann’s Quilting offers Quilters Dream Batting in various cotton, poly, and poly-blend lofts. Please be aware there are limitations in the choice of batting depending on the desired pattern. Heavy poly batting may cause puckering with small patterns, however, it will work fine for larger patterns. While we will make every effort to work with your own batting should you desire, we cannot guarantee ideal results for products that we do not carry. We require a $4 handling charge for customer-supplied batting products.

Solid Aurifil thread is offered at $9 for each color used on queen-size and larger quilts, $4.50 for smaller quilts; we have a large variety of variegated threads for purchase, as well.

A $15.00 non-refundable deposit will hold your spot on our calendar, and will be credited towards your final quilting charges. If your quilt is not ready by your appointment, a rescheduling deposit of $15.00 will be required.