Kelly Ann's is pleased to be your full-service Husqvarna Viking sewing machine shop, offering full maintenance and repair services for the full line of Husqvarna Viking machines. If your machine is misbehaving and you can't seem to get it back on track, we'll be happy to dig in and find the problem. Often it's simply a needed adjustment, although we occasionally have to order and replace a part or two. Our goal is to make you a happy sewer. We use only genuine Husqvarna Viking factory parts, and our service technician was trained and certified by factory technicians at Husqvarna Viking headquarters in Westlake, Ohio.

Our most commonly-requested service offering is the Spa Treatment. Your machine, although precision-designed, requires periodic cleaning and calibration of several settings. All that thread that passes through the bobbin case leaves lint, and lint naturally sticks to grease. The lower case of your machine is loaded with grease, in the gear train. The result of a year's sewing or embroidery is a thick goo of accumulated greasy lint, cut threads and the occasional broken needle parts. Here's the full checklist of our spa treatment maintenance items.

No matter which HV sewing machine you own, we're ready to service your pride and joy and have it back to you in top condition. Give us a call and we'll put your machine on our schedule!